Pregnant ladies need the whole body support when sleeping to avoid any complications. This calls for supportive bed, mattress and pillows. Our focus on this article is on the best pillows for a pregnant woman. Here, we will discuss the various reasons to use these pillows.

Reasons to use the best-recommended pregnancy pillows

Improved sleep

bright roomIt is highly recommended that a pregnant woman has enough sleep. At their status, the body is complicated and delicate and thus the need to have the best bedding. Pillows recommended for pregnancy help the ladies to have a comfortable and improved sleep without neck or back aches. The most prudent idea is to buy a pillow which is clinically tested and approved for pregnancy situations. They offer support as the priority.

Made of the best material

All pillows irrespective of the condition must be made from the best material. However, those meant for pregnant ladies go an extra mile to increase comfort and support. The commonly used material include;

Memory foam – it offers the best support and comfort as it is known to conform to the body for the best alignment.
Latex – Latex provides one of the best support for the pregnant ladies. It has air holes for fresh air circulation.
Synthetic fibers – These are soft and comfortable

They are hypoallergenic

Pregnant ladies have a compromised immunity and must practice utmost care to keep away any disease. Pillows which do not cause allergy reactions are the best. The recommended pregnancy pillows are resistant to dust, termites, molds and allergy causing particles. The ladies can, therefore, sleep well without the breathing problems or any infections.

They offer supportive shapes

pregnant womanPregnant ladies need to support various parts of the body during sleep. Such area includes the legs, stomach, hands and most importantly the head. Some areas cannot be supported by just any pillow like the legs. Therefore, it is popular to see the C – shaped pillows with such ladies. They offer the best support and avoid losing them during the night. The stomach support pillows are big while the legs pillow are small. The head pillows are firm and thick as most pregnant ladies are side sleepers.


When buying pillows for pregnancy, it is crucial to involve your doctor for advice. They will recommend all the best pillows you need at every stage of your pregnancy.