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How To Remove Bees

bees and honey

Bees are both good and bad insects. We all love their honey, but, their stings can lead to death. A beehive near you home should be dealt with immediately because it could lead to accidents especially with small babies who might try touching it. To get this beehive out, you need a professional or you can do it all by yourself. If you notice a few bees, no need to worry, they are probably on their daily duty of collecting nectar. It should worry you when the bees collect in large number new your home. This article will give you tips on how to take away bees

Important tips

  • bee and flowerThe very first and important point is that you must dress in layers. It is important to have all your body parts covered. Any time you decide to come near a group of bees, cover your whole body and with a layer of clothes. Make sure your shirt is tucked in, to avoid bees finding their way in your body. Put on socks and tuck in your pants in them. Your hands should be covered by gloves, with a face mask, a scarf and a hat.
  • After you are convinced that you are well covered, spray the bees with an insecticide. Ask the seller to give you the correct type of insecticide not all are made for bees. Spray at the entrance of the beehive and ensure that all bees are dead.
  • After the larger percentage is a deal, smoke the area to kill remnants. Let the smoke stay for some time. This is to prevent other bees from entering the place.
  • many bees After making sure that all bees are dead, destroy the beehive by either taking it away or burning it completely. If you leave the hive, their other bees looking for a home might catch it and make it home.