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What to Know About Wishbone Chair

Wishbone chair was created by Hans Wegner in 1949 and it is still a popular product till today. The chair cemented Hans Wegner as one of the most popular midcentury modern style seat with ergonomically-minded woven seat and wooden frame. In fact, the design became an instant success and many pieces were created. Although he created other types of chairs, the Wishbone remains to be the most recognizable.

Inspired by Chinese Emperors

You have probably read somewhere that the chair is a reflection of Danish style. However, the truth is that the original ideas for sharp angles and mix of curves sprang came from thrones of Ming dynasty.

Its Real Name is CH24

wishbone chairAlthough it is widely known as Y chair or Wishbone chair, Wegner named the chair as CH24. The chair was designed for the first three weeks and he later created other chairs such as CH26, CH 25, CH24, and CH22. The other chairs are less popular as compared to CH24.

Been Around for Over 70 Years

Before you say you need a break, Wishbone chair is yet to take a break. In fact, it has been around for about 70 years. The first Wishbone chair was made in 1950 and it has been manufactured by Carl Hansen & Son.

It Takes Weeks to Build

The original design of this chair had over 14 components and requires over 100 different processes to chisel, sand, carve, and shape. Therefore, it takes about 3 weeks before you can assemble the chair.

It is a No Paper Pusher

Although paper may not be a material that gets into your mind when manufacturing a chair seat, over 400 feet of paper cord get into Wishbone chair’s distinctive seat design. The paper has a lifespan of over 50 years.

Choosing the Right Chair

There are different ways that can help you choose the right Wishbone chair and avoid a knock-off artist. The first thing to consider price: if it appears too good to be true, you have a reason to move to the next shop. Remember that you are paying for fine furniture and exquisite design. You can get a similar design for less, but can you tell the difference. Ideally, the chair is manufactured from fine materials and it exhibits the same. There is no joinery anywhere and no hardware screwing pieces together. Another thing to look for is the seat. Most knock-offs have saggy seats made of materials such as nylon.…


Tips To Keep Your Bedroom Furniture Looking Good

white bed and pillow

When home, many people spend time in common places like the kitchen and living room. Therefore, this is the places that tend to be kept neat all the time. We change furniture and other art here more often. Let us talk of the bedroom now, how often do you change the furniture there? When was the last time you took the time to make the place look amazing? Changing furniture in those private rooms makes the house appear all new again. But before doing that, you need to understand some tips explained in this article.

Things to consider


tidy bedroomHow big or small is your bedroom? Space is an important factor as it will help you choose the right type of furniture in terms of size, style, and shape. Before purchasing any furniture take note of the size of the room. For furniture to look good, it must fit well, therefore do not choose large pieces for a small room.


If you already have everything and wondering what more to add, do not be afraid to mix up colors. But of course, they must match. At times all you need is a new lampshade to get that new amazing look. It breaks the monotony and the old appearance of the room. Do not be resistance to change, get these vibrant colors and patterns for a transformation. You will be amazed of the paradise look it will bring forth.

Storage options

green cupboardDo not clutter items; it makes a very spacious room appear small. Worst of all it gives this bad image. Consider vertical storage type, like for example, add bookshelves. Again you can try to get a bed with inbuilt drawers for better storage. Make the rooms amazing by organized storage techniques. Like any other type of furniture bedroom furniture must be stylish and made from the best material. Remember after all days’ work this is where you rest, hence deserves a better look.…