Your house is not an invincible building that will last forever facing the ruthless nature of weather. Like your body, some parts of the house will deteriorate over time, except, they won’t recover by themselves. As a house owner, your role in scheduling regular maintenance for your home is necessary for its wellbeing and safety. And here are five essentials that must be on your to-do list.

1. Structural Care

Ground movement, subsidence, and water ingress can cause structural damage to your house. When you spot small cracks on your wall, examine their depth. If they go deep into the wall, then it is a severe problem. You should get a specialist structural surveyor to identify the source of that damage. However, you must know that the diagnosis may take a while but is surely worth the wait. Otherwise, you would be in a constant threat of building collapse.

2. Roof Maintenance

professional roofersYour house’s roof serves more than a decorative part. And actually, it will be your primary defense against harsh weathers. The first rule here is to realize that you shall not underestimate small cracks on your roof’s tiles. If you use asphalt shingles, then you should check if there are any tearings or openings.

However, please note that not all people are meant to climb the roof. If you are not sure about your climbing ability, then you should get a professional roofer instead. If you happen to live in New York, suffolk county roofers are known for their excellent price and service. You can check them out for a reference.

3. Plumbing Maintenance

Water is the blood of the house. And like the one in your body, there are clean water and wastewater, and both of them must be regulated flawlessly. Otherwise, you may drink contaminated water and put your health at risk.

Besides, clogged pipes alone are already a problem. If your house uses hardwater, you should consider softening it so that the mineral buildups won’t jam your pipes. Leaks are also another issue to pay attention to. However, some houses have in-wall pipes that can be difficult to examine. In this case, you should entrust the job to a pro plumber who is well-equipped with an acoustic leak detector or a gas detector.

4. Insulation Care

a well maintained houseA well-insulated house can save up more than 50% energy use on air conditioning and heating. Besides, your air conditioner and heater will have longer life-expectancy with insulation because they do not need to overwhelm their system to keep the temperature comfortable enough for you.

Check the wool insulation in your loft, windows, and doors even if it is summer. Insulation does not only prevent the room’s heat from escaping during winter but also keep the hot weather outside during summer.

5. Upgrading Your Electronic Appliances

Old electronic appliances tend to be inefficient in consuming the house’s electricity. No matter how much you love that old toaster, please buy a new one! Today’s appliances are designed to use the least energy while still maintaining their excellent performance. Washing machine, laundry machine, electric stoves, air conditioner, room heater, and water heater are some examples of appliances that take significant electrical power to function.