Selling a family house is not an easy decision. Many homeowners would want to cling on to their family houses due to personal attachments they have with their homes. However, some circumstances may force a property owner into selling the family house. That said, here is a highlight some of the leading things that make homeowners sell their family home.

What are the principal reasons for homeowners selling their family homes?

Foreclosuresfamily in a house illustration

One of the leading circumstances that may force a homeowner to sell a family house is foreclosure. The moment a homeowner receives a foreclosure notice, the only option available is to sell the house. Failing to do so will result to the lender repossessing the property. To avoid repossession by the lender, many homeowners will choose to sell their family house.

Job transfer

If a homeowner gets a transfer notice to work in a far place or even another state, he/she will consider selling the family home due to the prevailing circumstance. Job transfer to a nearby place may not warrant selling of a family home but if posted to a far place, a majority of homeowners would rather sell their family homes and purchase homes in their new working locations.

Expanding families

Some homeowners have to sell their family homes and purchase bigger homes to accommodate the expanding family. For example, a person who has a two-bedroomed house may have to sell the house if he has a family that needs a bigger house. This is an upgrade to a bigger home, which can accommodate all family members.

Elevated social class

empty houseAn elevation to a higher social class is also a circumstance that can force a homeowner to sell his family house and get a better house that fits his new social class. This happens mainly when a person succeeds in his career or business and gets a lot of money to buy a new home. While it is possible for them to keep their old family homes, some homeowners may not want any form of association with the former house, which represented a lower social class.


People who are retiring also sell their family houses to move into adult communities. The adult communities feature attractions such as golf courses, workout facilities, and backyard barbecue parties among many others. Therefore, a person going for retirement may want to sell a family house to get a new one with these attractions.